Illuminating the Night: Taming Light Pollution for a Better World

As the sun sets and the world transitions into darkness, artificial light takes centre stage. We illuminate our streets, buildings, and landscapes, often without considering the consequences. But what if I told you that our well-intentioned lighting choices can harm both people and the natural world? Let’s explore the growing importance of limiting obtrusive light… Continue reading Illuminating the Night: Taming Light Pollution for a Better World

Challenges to being circular

I’ve been reviewing some materials for the Lighting Industry Association (The LIA), in fact for a fine friend over there, Bob Bohannon. Many of you may have heard of Bob for his lighting award or for his work on the circular economy with both the LIA and CIBSE. That led me to an example, with… Continue reading Challenges to being circular

The route to CEng is not so difficult, but…

When I grew up there were just two sorts of mechanical engineer, the one that worked on your car (often mistitled) and the professional one. That’s a little unfair to car mechanics, but I don’t mean to be. A mechanic is indeed a skilled person, but the term engineer is often attributed to people who… Continue reading The route to CEng is not so difficult, but…

Artificial intelligence in lighting design

On 4th December 2017 a group of leading thinkers got together to discuss the influence of artificial intelligence on the lighting design community. Called together by Florence Lam, Director & Global Lighting Leader at ARUP, we  and guests from the Society of Light and Lighting, discussed how design would change, how ARUP were already using… Continue reading Artificial intelligence in lighting design

Warm it up

There’s a distinct problem with light at night. We all know how it can annoy us humans and keep us awake, but the problem is felt by millions, even billions of others, not just us. The latest figure I could find suggested that in a square kilometre of sky, at all times, there are billions… Continue reading Warm it up

Comfort Management

In 2016 I wrote  a paper for Thorn Lighting which turned into  Masterclass for the Society of Light and Lighting. It was based around getting the balance of light in a space right before you added worries of Human Centric lighting as it was being called then.

Bright lights, another headache?

Glare is a wonderful thing; it creates sparkle, glints and artistic flare. On the other hand glare is an awful thing; creating difficulty to see, veiling detail and tiring the eye. Whether you love it or not depends on the situation, a club compared to the office, relaxing in the sun compared to driving the… Continue reading Bright lights, another headache?