Design Thinking circle

Consultancy is critical after artificial light has undergone one of the biggest technological upheavals ever, whilst at the same time, we discover more about the non-visual effects of light on people, flora, and fauna. Understanding the impacts on your lighting scheme, product or business is key to providing the right light in your space, gaining a commercial advantage, improving employee retention or simply providing engaging and satisfying places. Understanding the needs of people, customers and businesses that use light is something Iain Macrae has a talent for. Part of that talent is voice of the customer and it is something he spends time researching and observing. Iain will listen to your needs and use his experience to create the best possible solutions with you. Through a rigorous process of evaluation, he will help balance possible solutions against your desired outcome to help you reach the best fit for you.

Iain can also offer in-depth lighting and business knowledge, using his experience on professional committees and within leading organisations to frame that advice. Time spent working with leading manufacturers, BSI and the Society of Light and Lighting Technical and Publications Committee, author of Lighting Guide 5 and contributing author to the Code for Lighting and Technical Handbook plus considerable applied project experience can be used to your advantage.

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