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a lighting engineer

Iain Macrae has worked on lighting projects all over the world and has a great depth of experience in how light works for people, how products fit into designs and how people really interact with great spaces. The application of this knowledge as part of a lighting impact assessment or lighting design can make your space a place to be.

Starting with design thinking we will help you to define what it is you need in your space from ambient to task to accent lighting. With modern software and many years of experience in hands-on practice, Iain can help you visualise your project before guiding you through to the end result. Individual solutions, tailored to your needs and to your budget.

If you just need the facts and figures, we can work out the numbers for you. That includes lighting impact assessments, planning and pre-planning compliance reports, bat conservation compliance and design advice on how to mitigate the effects of your lighting. Need a fact check, we can do that too. Using the latest design software and analysis tools we can check the numbers or provide the proof you need of how things will work.

Iain is independent of manufacturers and can help you find the quality you require leaving a lasting impact on the performance of your project through its life. If you need independent advice on a range of lighting topics, you can get it from him, complexity explained in simple ways that demystify the art of lighting.

We also work with manufacturers we know and trust to create great application marketing, find the product niche, develop and test products fit for purpose and advise on specialist applications, such as emergency lighting.

We are able to assist with most applications, from Sports to Hospitals, from Roads to Offices, Outdoor to Emergency lighting, at any project stage, whether you are new to lighting and need a helping hand, a manufacturer seeking extra resource for a key strategy or project, or a designer needing a helping hand in a new application.

Iain is a founding member of the ICEL Emergency Lighting individual competence standard and validation scheme and is a competent person in emergency lighting specification and design.

Get in touch for visualisations, calculations or just some advice.