Iain first stepped onto stage in front of 450 professionals at a conference over 20 years ago. Speaking on the subject of Brighter Pupils he was told to stand behind the podium and read his presentation. Unknown to the organiser he’d prep’d the stage and sound team and proceeded to break with the tradition of boring the audience to death.

With a lapel mic he roamed the stage explaining with passion how when the lighting is bad, students stop listening. Explaining the importance of light to the face so that the teacher and pupil could communicate effectively he stepped off the stage and engaged with the audience, sitting amongst them.

Iain’s style is to engage, to deliver subjects with passion, to use images and props that get you thinking, to challenge the status quo and to let you have some fun along the way.

Since then he has spoken on a wide range of lighting topics across four continents and continues to engage the mind of those who come to listen.

Get in touch and see if he can liven up your event.