Lighting is on the one hand an art, on the other science and recently that science has added complexity to our understanding of lighting people. Training is the solution to this problem.

Iain Macrae helped to start the Thorn Academy of Light and has lectured on lighting across four continents. He keeps up to date through his work with the Society of Light and Lighting Technical and Publications team and by being part of the committee that oversees British and European lighting standards. Plus he helps author some of the most respected lighting guides and codes, such as LG5 Lighting for Education.

You can find Iain teaching at the Lighting Industry Academy and as an accredited trainer through the University of South Wales for the HNC and HND in Lighting. He is a specialist trainer in Emergency Lighting, including risk assessment, standards, design, specification and competence and is also the UK DIALux evo trainer (more here). If that’s not enough Iain co-founded Light Unwrapped, a training company that uses blended learning to spread lighting knowledge throughout the lighting industry.

If there is a subject in lighting you, or your team, need to understand we can help scope, write and deliver training to suit your needs. From hands-on lighting experiences to virtual courses, from full in-depth courses to CPD, as an experienced moderator and speaker, he also knows how to work with a group and what makes ideas stick.

Whatever your needs in lighting training. Get in touch.